Voltage on Notecarrier B EN pin


how much voltage can be applied to the EN pin? Can it be the same as V+ or does it need to be 3V3? Is the voltage on VIO on when EN is LOW? So that I could use VIO as the level for EN?

Regards, Gaute

The EN pin is designed to float in the enable case, and to be driven to ground when you wish for it to be disabled. Think of it as a disable switch.

Will this work in your application, or is it a requirement to apply voltage?

Doh! Yeah of course, that solves it. I noticed the VIO voltage is at something like 0.4V when EN is off. Will it drain or does it drop once a load is added to it?

Yes, it slowly drains away. It’s a side-effect of the low-power design.

Great! So just to be clear: I wont leak any power by having a load attached to VIO once EN is connected to ground?

Yes, that is correct.

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