Notehub Geolocation Data Error for Notecarrier AF

Good morning,

Last night, I set up my Notecarrier AF to do asset tracking, by following along with this tutorial: Asset Tracking - Blues Wireless Developers

I saw events showing up in Notehub afterwards, so I left it plugged in to my computer overnight sitting on my desk (not moving anywhere). This morning, when I checked Notehub to see if a heartbeat event had registered, I noticed this error message that happened last night.

I searched the forums and the general internets without much success as to the nature of this error, so can anyone tell me what this means?

By the way, I can still see location data from the _track.qo events when I drill down to their raw JSON.


Hi @paigen11,

Do you recall ever calling the card.triangulation API?

Hi @RobLauer ,

I don’t believe I ever included that command when configuring my Notecarrier, no. I followed the asset tracking instructions for periodic location tracking to a T, and there was no mention there of card.triangulation.

This documentation gives me a much better idea of what’s happening, though. As it recommends, I think I’ll allow for triangulation only when the Notecarrier is plugged into a USB power source.

Thanks for the help!

Has the Notecard config changed since the time that you saw the _geolocate.qo event? I would love to know if card.triangulate was set, since there “should” be no other way for Session.ScanResults to get passed back to the Notehub where it will then try to do a triangulation lookup. If you have not changed anything since, can you take a look at what card.triangulate is set to? Although looking at the docs, I can’t tell how we would know if card.triangulate has been set by using any req calls. I see how to set it, but not how to check what it has been set to

The config has not changed since I saw that event.

The Notecarrier has just continued to sit on my desk, plugged into the computer. I looked at the docs also, and I’m not sure how to tell what its current setting is.

I just ran {"req":"card.triangulate"} from the Notecard CLI, and got back the following JSON {"motion":1626290735} though.

I have a factory reset card and {"req":"card.triangulate"} gets me {}. So it must be set to something on your card! We’ll figure out how to read back the config shortly im sure

Ok! I did a {"req":"card.restore","delete":true} on my card before I started enabling the GPS tracking, but maybe it was a glitch.

Thanks for looking into it.

Out of curiosity, what version is the Notecard firmware?

Can you paste the results of {"req":"card.version"}?

It looks like the latest firmware:


Here’s the whole body for reference:

      "org":"Blues Wireless",
      "built":"May 28 2021 17:11:58"
   "name":"Blues Wireless Notecard",

{“req”:“card.triangulate”} will return a motion: field regardless of the setting (or not) of card.triangulate. All that is needed is for the accelerometer to be active and to have sensed movement at some time since the boot.

@paigen11 can u invite me to your project? I want to look at the session data

Triangulation can also be enabled with the environment variable _tri - you could check if it’s set with

Will return {} if it is not set.

An environment variable set on Notehub would not be cleared by a {“req”:“card.restore”,“delete”:true}

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Certainly - I’ve invited you to the project now. Let me know if you can see the data that you need.

Looking at the data, the session that tripped the _geolocate.qo note.add event does have scan data attached to it

    "session": "1ab86720-8075-44e8-a16b-3174332d8afd",
    "device": "dev:864475044279957",
    "product": "product:com.blues.paige:pn_gps_project",
    "fleet": "fleet:6bc805eb-e2a8-46d9-87d4-1e0384bd4290",
    "addr": "tcps:26016:",
    "cell": "310,410,11298,187681040",
    "triangulate": {},

Which is crazy! You do not have card.triangulate set so data is leaking into that slot somehow. I talked with Ray last night and there is one theory i will apply and deploy. will let you know when it hits production.

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I deployed a patch that might resolve the issue. Please let me know if a _geolocate note.add event pops up in this project again

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Good morning,

Reopening this topic as I’ve had another _geolocate note.add event with my Notecarrier AF as well as some other odd responses.

On Friday, Aug 20 at 5:21 PM EST, an event was added to Notehub with the following text: {"err":"project's plan needs to be upgraded to allow geolocation lookups of triangulation data"}

This is probably an unrelated note but a curiosity for me: The next day, on an 8 hour drive back from vacation, the Notecard mysteriously sent the following message when after syncing its GPS data with Notehub at 8:12 AM EST: _log.qo {"text":"gpsmax: modem powered down"}.

It continued to sync each hour thereafter up to 12:09 PM, when a _log.qo note reported {"text":"gpsmax: cancelling GPS seek: network: can't connect (9 min remaining) {registration-failure}{network}{extended-network-failure}"}

The next hour, the logs reported at 1:10 PM {"text":"gpsmax: modem powered up in gps mode"} and 2:25 PM {"text":"removed from penalty box after registration failure penalty period"}

Perhaps at certain points in the drive the Notecard couldn’t make a satellite connection and upload to Notehub? It was riding the in the backseat of the car the whole way and should have had a clear view of the sky through the windows so I’m curious if you can explain those messages.