Open-source project: product enables other users to cause expenses

When I open-source my project the product-no is now public. This does not seem very secret in anyway. The problem is that now that I have a paid plan, anyone else that clones this project and starts without changing the product is going to cause expenses for me. I don’t see an immediate way to do this without keeping the product-no secret?

Regards, Gaute

Hi @gauteh - in scenarios when you have a public code repository with secret keys, I usually place those keys in a separate file. I then use a variable in the public code that references the key, but keep the private “key” file out of the repository (e.g. excluded via a .gitignore file).

For example in Python I might have a file that is private, containing:

PRODUCT_UID = "com.blues.whatever:some_project"

…and then in a I would use:

import keys
productUID = keys.PRODUCT_UID