Periodic updates to entire fleet of notecards?

I’d like to make a service where all of my devices display the same information which is updated at 5 minute intervals. Can I do this by adding all of the devices to a fleet and then doing a fleet wide update ? I don’t want these inbound requests to build up though. It should work the same way mqtt works in that when a devices boots up it only receives the latest data packet not a whole backlog of old updates. Would using a fleet wide environment variable work for this ? What would be the best way to conserve data usage ?

Hi @tavis ,
If the device only needs the most current information, and not historical information then one way to do this would be to put them all into a fleet and communicate the information via fleet level environment variables.

the second part of this question is do you need all of the devices to sync the updated values at the same moment (within seconds of each other), or is it sufficient that they all update at some point within the 5 minute period ? Also what is the power consumption requirement ? Are they battery powered and require ~10uA steady state consumption, or do they have line power and ~10+mA would be OK ?


It would be ideal if they all updated at the same time as it’s wind data and so should be updated as soon as new data is available.
The devices may be battery powered but they have an always on led display so the power is def. > 10ma when powered on.