Recommended waterproof case for Notecarrier AF + battery?

I’d like to get a waterproof case that can hold the Notecarrier AF plus a lipo battery.

Any recommendations?

Hi @mcarpenter,

It’s funny you should ask this, as I just bought something similar for a Notecarrier A of my own. Coworkers have had good luck with these Awclub waterproof, dustproof plastic junction boxes from Amazon. And they come in a wide variety of sizes too.

Just be sure to account for the fact that the box’s recorded dimensions are its outer dimensions, not the inner dimensions where your device will go (the first one I bought was just a bit too small for my Notecarrier to fit inside and I had to reorder a second, bigger box).

Let us know if you have any follow up questions!


We’re using the Polycase WP-24 (WP-24 Polycarbonate Electronic Enclosure with NEMA Rating). It has room for two cell lipo battery, and 4-20ma interface board. There a large variety of sizes.