3d printer enclosure file?

Hi all, I tried search the forums and didn’t see anything…is there a design for an enclosure for the Notecarriers? (specifically look for Notecarrier F). I have 0 experience with 3D design so was wondering if I could grab something “off the shelf” that I could send to my library’s 3D printer.


Here is a 3D printable enclosure and snap fit lid for the Blues Notecard-F I made for a project… There is only 1 hole on the front for a USB cable to program an installed ESP32. There are standoffs built inside the box so you can mount a Lipo battery under the Notecard. There is also room at each end and on the sides for the flexible antenna that comes with the Notecard.

Just send the 2 STL files to whoever is going to print it for you.


Excellent, thank you very much!!!