Researching MQTT BROKERS

I have been researching MQTT brokers for (number of devices), and (monthly cost). I don’t plan on going over 100 devices per system, but it is a possibility. The amount of data published by the clients is unknown at this time, so I am preferring a fixed monthly price.
My question is, can the notecard and notehub work with CloudMQTT? This broker uses Mosquito servers and Python. Can the SWAN be used as the client MCU? Thanks

Hi @DonL and welcome to the Blues community!

In short, yes, Notehub is able to publish data to any MQTT broker. Personally I’ve never used CloudMQTT, but there shouldn’t be any difference there. (Please post here if that’s not the case and we can help resolve any issues.)

And yes, you can certainly use Swan as the host in this (or any other) scenario.