Sending and Receiving Binary Files with the Notecard and Notehub

Learn how to use the card.binary APIs to send and receive files from/to a Micro SD card using the Blues Notecard and Notehub.
Read the full blog post at and continue the discussion here.
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Thanks for the inspiring post, @RobLauer . I was able to follow the steps and send data from the Notecard to a route and inspect the data via I am just wondering if there’s an option to inspect and/or download the binary data directly in/from Notehub, without a route? E.g., using the Notehub API. If I send only a few hundred bytes, the binary data seems to show up in the payload field, but if I send a few kilobytes, then the field is blank in Notehub and I can only inspect my data using a route. Same if I use the API. I guess the same limit as to traditional payload data applies here? So, if I send let’s say 4 KB of data, it’s simply only forwarded by Notehub, but never stored?

Hi @JonasBchrt and welcome to the Blues community!

Glad to hear you found the blog post useful. And yes we do set an arbitrary 256 byte limit as to what we store in Notehub, so anything beyond that is not queryable with the Notehub API for instance.


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