Soldering Swan to carrier board

I just got a Swan with the carrier board and I need more pins so I plan to use the carrier board. Does anyone have any suggestions for the easiest way to sold the Swan to the carrier? Can it be done with solder paste and an soldering iron or to I need to use an oven.

I’d recommend getting some no clean flux if you don’t already have it. Using the smallest soldering tip you have should be OK. I’d recommend lining up the swan board with the swan carrier board pads and soldering on 1 pad per corner to get the alignment right. Know that the solder will pool inside the pads with through hole pins. Also know that once these boards are soldered down it can be really really tough to get them pulled off the carrier board without a reflow plate and a lot of patience.

2nd I’d recommend inserting the through-hole headers into the carrier board from the bottom and using breakout wireless to go to a PCB. otherwise this will block the JST LiPo connector.

Let us know how this works out!