Mounting hole size and locations for Notecarrier-F

The Notecarrier-F datasheet provides overall dimensions for the PCB, but I want to know the mounting hole sizes and dimensions (between holes).

It would also be helpful to know the exact centerline dimensions between the 24 pin headers so I can design a PCB to match up with it exactly. If I have a Swan mounted in the Notecarrier-F, will I be able to access the GPIO pins on the 24 pin headers from the Swan?

Hi @markwkiehl,

All of our schematics/layouts are open source and available here on GitHub. I would also recommend looking at the Notecarrier-F datasheet to see how the Swan’s GPIO pins map to what is exposed on the carrier board.


@RobLauer I"ll second @markwkiehl’s request. Twice, I’ve gone through the entire GitHub library for the Notecarrier-F, and I can’t find a dimensioned drawing (at least one that I have software to open).


The dimensional drawing is in the gerber files for the notecarrier-f I’ve generated a PDF and added it to the repo here: note-hardware/notecarrier-f-v1.0-dim-drawing.pdf at master · blues/note-hardware · GitHub

@markwkiehl for the swan, the notecarrier-f designed to have a swan soldered on with through hole pins or it can be soldered directly onto the notecarrier-f with SMT pads on the notecarrier-f

Thank you Ethan! I didn’t see that PDF file with the dimensions when I was looking in Github, or when I looked on the datasheet web site.