Sparrow Firmware Upload without elf file?

The Sparrow instructions (Sparrow Firmware Updates - Blues Wireless Developers) are clear for Essentials boards firmware updating using .elf files. However, the more recent Sparrow Firmware files since v0.7.0 in GitHub (Tags · blues/sparrow-reference-firmware · GitHub) no longer contain .elf files? Please clarify how to upload the firmware without the .elf file. I am particularly interested in v0.8.1 with support for Seeed Wio-E5.

Hi @JimM,

Good catch, I will definitely create some new binaries for the latest release. However, our published binaries will only support the Sparrow hardware.

If you would like binaries compatible with the Seeed Wio-E5, then you will need to follow the instructions for building the firmware from sources published in the Sparrow Builder’s Guide.


NOTE: At the time of writing, we have not updated those instructions to describe the necessary changes to build for the Seeed Wio-E5, so I will reach out to you directly to help you through that process.

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