{“status”:“modem now ON using external SIM {modem-on}”,“sync”:true}

I am starting up some devices that havent been used in a while and they dont want to connect to the cellular network. I tried a card.restore but it didnt help. these have all connected to the net before. Any suggestions? Also, I am getting this message about external sim. I am not using a external sim.

Hey @cshannon ,

First thing I always like to check is for an old firmware version…if you perform a card.version request and it’s < 1.5 I would highly recommend an upgrade (actually, I recommend getting on 1.5.6 regardless!).

That’s likely not the issue though, so to help debug this can you plug in one of the problem Notecards, give it a minute to register on a cell network, and issue the card.wireless command and see what it returns?