Stm32 outbound dfu host reqirements


I am trying to get outbound dfu update working on a custom hardware

My host micro is STM32F405R and I have a mux connected similarly as the notecarrier-F, with AUX1 controlling the mux input.

My questing is, do I also need to do initialization on the UART1 pins on my host ? I am running zephyr if that matters.

My device seems to go correctly into reset when I upload a binpack from notehub. But seems to timeout.

Firmware Update Status

Status of update running on this device (if any)


Error (cannot update host: {odfu-init}: can’t connect to stm32: timeout (00000000))

I am arming dfu on my notecard, both with card.dfu and card.aux.


I believe there is a hardware problem, is it possible to change AUX1 to active HIGH during DFU ?