SWAN Arduino IDE Board Manager

Following the Arduino IDE install instructions for the SWAN, I notice the Arduino IDE Board Manager indicates the following as DEPRECIATED. Is there an alternative board manager now preferred or necessary? “STM32 MCU based boards

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Hey @JimM! It looks like ST changed the primary branch of their repo from master to main, which changes the location of the default boards manager URL. So you’ll need to go into Arduino preferences and change




and that should fix the issue.

@bsatrom . I can confirm the revised link to STM32 MCU in Arduino Board Manager works!

It doesn’t seem necessary to install the ‘STM32CubeIDE’ in order to use the Arduino IDE. I don’t plan on using the STM32CubeIDE, I just want to use the Arduino IDE. The STM32CubeIDE is over 2 GB in size! It does seem necessary to install the ‘STM32CubeProgrammer’.

When I tried to compile in the Arduino IDE after installing the board manager, I got the following error:

arm-none-eabi-g++: error: Kiehl\AppData\Local\Arduino15\packages\STMicroelectronics\hardware\stm32\2.3.0=.: No such file or directory

Checking my system, the folder …\AppData\Local\Arduino15\packages\STMicroelectronics\hardware\stm32\2.3.0\ does exist and has files. It doesn’t make sense to me that the Arduino IDE would need STM32CubeIDE.

I uninstalled v2.3.0 and installed v2.2.0 and experienced no compile error. With a micro USB connected to the Swan, I was able to upload a simple sketch to it using the DFU mode!

If I try to enable serial output from the Swan within the sketch, the Swan doesn’t complete running Setup() until the the “Port:” option in the Arduino IDE is configured and then the serial monitor link in the Arduino IDE is clicked. This behavior is common, I just mention it in case someone else is confused by it.

In summary, everything works correctly under the board manager v2.2.0, but v2.3.0 has an issue. It is not necessary to install ‘STM32CubeIDE’ in order to use the Arduino IDE, but it is necessary to install the ‘STM32CubeProgrammer’.

Hello @JimM - please check the post Choice of the IDE - it may be of value to you.

@adriatic . Thank-you for the pointer. These days, I am trying to use Platform.io extension in VS Code as my first choice of Arduino coding with the SWAN.

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I am quite happy that you liked my preferred approach -
Choice of the IDE (Integrated Development Environment, which is by the way, recommended by Blues team. While I have yet to go through alternative Swan apps development methods to be able to make objective comparisons, I am using VSCode from its first release 10 years ago. I am a big fan of Erich Gamma a lot longer than 10 years as he is member of GoF team.

The most important feature of VSCode in the context of Blues app development is the complete support for Blues vision: