Test antenna connection, outside WBEX service area

We are beginning to ship a product worldwide that uses the Notecard - WBNA in the USA, and WBEX globally. For our outbound QA testing on systems with WBEX notecards (located at our facility in the US), how can we test to guarantee that the antenna is properly connected and operational? For WBNA notecards we just power the system on and read the cell signal metrics (RSRQ, etc), but for WBEX notecards, since we’re in the US, they don’t connect to notehub and don’t poll signal metrics.

Has anyone found a solution for this?

  • Possible to temporarily insert an external SIM, to test that antenna is properly installed & operational?
  • Any low-level Quectel commands we can use to poll for signal quality, on a system with WBEX located in the USA?
  • Anyone using a Spectrum analyzer to see if notecards are talking?