Too many requests?

I keep getting the error below. It doesn’t go away even when I delay my requests heavily. I currently have just one request every 30 seconds, but still get an error every 4-6 requests.

{"attn":true,"status":"429","text":"{\"code\":429001,\"message\":\"You sent too many requests per second. Please use a different token or contact us to increase your rate limits.\"}"}

Here is the Notecard part of my python code (formatting gets weird on the post, but the script works fine):

card = notecard.OpenI2C(i2c, 0, 0, debug=True)
req = {“req”: “hub.set”}
req[“product”] = productUID
req[“mode”] = “continuous”
rsp = card.Transaction(req)

while True:
req = {“req”: “card.temp”}
rsp = card.Transaction(req)
temp = rsp[“value”]
req = {“req”: “note.add”}
req[“file”] = “sensors.qo”
req[“sync”] = True
req[“body”] = {“temperature”: temp}
req = card.Transaction(req)

Hi @tempneff,

This error message is coming from the remote service that you are POSTing data to. I recommend editing your route in Notehub and next to “Rate Limit” choose “Limited Request Rate”. Then enter “1” next to “Requests per second”. Hopefully this resolves the issue, but if not just let us know and we can try something else!



This worked! Thanks for the help.