Unsuported browser latest Brave

On the latest Brave on a brand-new computer (Dell XPS15 9500 running Linux Mint 20.1) and having setup successfully communications with the Airnote mode with the NoteCLI, I get an unsupported error in the browser window. Edge dev for Linux works fine. Any suggestion except using Edge?

rob Oudendijk

Hi Rob!

I’m successfully using Brave on Pop!_OS 20.04, so I bet we can put our heads together and figure this out.

Now, when you say,

“Edge dev for Linux works fine.”

Can you expand on what this means exactly?

I remember adding myself to the dailout group, but I don’t remember having to jump through too many other hoops on my setup.

In case you missed the dialout step, just sudo usermod -aG dialout $USER, then reboot.