Verizon Activation

I am attempting to use a Verizon SIM as a backup SIM connection on the notecard. However, on registration on it returns

Device/SIM not found in DMD.

After some research Verizon requires all devices to be certified with Verizon. I am fairly certain the chip itself is certified for use but perhaps not the notecard itself? Has anyone had success getting a notecard to communicate on Verizon’s network? I am looking to deploy devices to remote/rural areas where unfortunately the best coverage is predominantly on that network. I did also check with Hologram which provides some service on Verizon, however that tier of service is well outside my current budget. Any advice would be appreciated.

Hi @szygmunt,

Verizon does require a separate certification for devices to connect to their network - and they enforce this down to the IMEI level (meaning you can’t just ignore it). As of today, the Notecard is not certified on Verizon’s network, but this is a common customer request, so trust that we are looking into it (no concrete plans or ETA though).