How to determine what carrier Notecard is connected to?

How can I determine what carrier my notecard is connected too?

> {"req":"card.wireless"}
 "status": "{modem-off}",
 "count": 1,
 "net": {
  "iccid": "89011703278520574826",
  "imsi": "310170852057482",
  "imei": "864622040425254",
  "modem": "BG95M1LAR02A04_01.001.01.001",
  "band": "LTE BAND 12",
  "rat": "emtc",
  "rssir": -83,
  "rssi": -84,
  "rsrp": -114,
  "sinr": 90,
  "rsrq": -15,
  "bars": 1,
  "mcc": 310,
  "mnc": 410,
  "lac": 20495,
  "cid": 184467729,
  "updated": 1640908459

I am in a rural area but the Verizon converge is pretty good and I can remote in to work with it.

Based on the “1” bar or signal strength I would say that the Notecard is most likely connected to AT&T? Can the notecards connect to Verizon? If the eSIM does not support this then I would most likely need to use an external SIM?

Also, another question about Templates:

Is it possible to include the notecard internal GPS position reading in a template directly without having to receive, interpret and add them to the template? My goal is to have one template for all the data of interest instead of trying to have to contaminate multiple files into a single file during a post processing?



Hi @bvernham and welcome to the Blues Wireless community!

To determine the carrier you are using, just look at the MCC (mobile country code) and MNC (mobile network code) values returned above, and look them up using a resource like this.

The Notecard does not support Verizon, but if you need to you can always add an external SIM (assuming you’re using a Notecarrier with an external SIM slot). Note that I regularly use Notecards over LTE-M with 1 bar of service in my basement without issue, so you may not actually need a different SIM :slight_smile:.

In terms of location, you can always look in the where fields of any given event. This will show you at the very least the cell tower location. If you have recently enabled the GPS module with a call to card.location.mode for instance, it will also populate the last known GPS-derived coordinates.


Yeah, AT&T service in northern lower peninsula Michigan is not so good.

So if I send data using a template with an enabled GPS then the where fields will be included with that data sent via template?



Yep, and to be a little more specific, here is what you should see in a given event’s JSON without a GPS fix (the “best” location is the cell tower):

    "best_location_type": "tower",
    "best_lat": 43.074087500000005,
    "best_lon": -89.44282812499999,
    "best_location": "Shorewood Hills WI",
    "best_country": "US",
    "best_timezone": "America/Chicago",
    "tower_when": 1639163169,
    "tower_lat": 43.074087500000005,
    "tower_lon": -89.44282812499999,

…versus here is what you would see if you recently made a GPS fix with the Notecard:

    "best_location_type": "gps",
    "best_lat": 1.3739775,
    "best_lon": 103.99205859375,
    "best_location": "Kampung Pasir Gudang Baru",
    "best_country": "MY",
    "best_timezone": "Asia/Kuala_Lumpur",
    "where_olc": "6PH59XFR+HRV5",
    "where_lat": 1.3739775,
    "where_lon": 103.99205859375,
    "where_location": "Kampung Pasir Gudang Baru",
    "where_country": "MY",
    "where_timezone": "Asia/Kuala_Lumpur",
    "tower_when": 1640860452,
    "tower_lat": 1.372168,
    "tower_lon": 103.982522,