Unclear on use cases for external SIM

I am on a steep learning curve and I have been wondering about the use case for an external SIM (i.e. as is on the a Notecarrier).

As an example, I am in Canada and I believe the Notecard will work out of the box here. I assume it uses one carrier (for example Rogers) preferentially. Do you need a SIM if that carrier has poor/no coverage in the area?

I see from other questions that some IoT cloud providers offer SIMs.

I know its a dumb question but what are the use cases for an external SIM?

Hi @BrianP,

The primary use case for the external SIM is for our customers in unsupported markets (most notably India and China) to bring their own SIM card and still use the Notecard. In general the roaming agreements AT&T has globally are with top providers in the region (Rogers in Canada being a good example).

If you are finding a coverage gap in your area, the external SIM is an option you can look into.



Thanks. I sort of figured it was for that sort of situation.