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Hello, I am new to platform.

I am working on a weather station prototype with a Notecarrier-AF with the ESP32 board from adafruit.

I am trying to route the sensor notes to the underground server but I cant get it to work.
The upload protocol is very simple (I have it working on a esp32 standalone on wi-fi). Below is an example of an URL that will upload the sensor data to the server:

h t t p s ://

This is what I have on the route section on

Any help or guidance will be very appreciated!!

Hey @aguerrejoaquin! Welcome to the Blues community, and let’s see if we can help you out.

As a first thought, do you know what type of HTTP request the server expects?

The URL you provided has the data in the query string, which is normally associated with GET requests, but when Notehub routes data to an endpoint it will come through as a POST with the data in the request’s body.

Are you getting an error from the server that might help point us in the right direction?

  • TJ

Hi TJ,
Thanks for the quick response!

Yes, you are right! The server expects a GET.
How do I change the request in notehub to a GET?

Hey @aguerrejoaquin,

You cannot send a GET from a route directly, but you can use the Notecard’s web.get request to send GET requests to external servers.

Check out our documentation on Web Transactions below and let us know if you hit any problems.


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