What Carriers are actually supported?

I apologize if this is listed somewhere, and I completely glanced over it. I also apologize for being new to the field, and thus still unfamiliar with the niche jargon employed.

What I am inquiring about, is what cellular service providers are supported by the platform? Or, vice versa, what cellular service providers support the platform? As I live in what once was a fairly rural area, and historically there is really only one carrier that provides reasonable connectivity in the area, Verizon. That carrier’s designated frequency is reported to be 3500 Mhz or 3.5Ghz, which digikey claims is supported by the Blues Wireless Platform. So, what I am really trying to find out is if this is true, and if I will be able to have a viable working connection with a Blues Device?

Thank you

It would seem my question is either incredibly stupid, or no one knows the answer.

Hi @anoduck and welcome to the Blues community!

It’s not a stupid question at all! There are contractual reasons why we can’t publicly state who our carrier is in the United States. It is a major carrier (and we work with their first class partners for global service). I can tell you that it is not Verizon (since you explicitly asked about Verizon support).

If coverage is an issue, we do allow for the usage of external SIMs (like from companies such as 1NCE, Hologram, and Twilio).

We also recommend our wideband Notecards (WBNA and WBEX, depending on your region) as they tend to establish a faster and more robust cellular connection.