Blues Wireless Coverage in Haiti - any success?

Has anyone had experience in the eastern part of Haiti with a Blues Notecard, Notecarrier and antenna-type? Or, for that matter, anywhere in Haiti?

We flew into the Domincan Republic and headed west into Haiti and as soon as we crossed the border our devices stopped reporting.

Our last location was 19.5498325,-71.71465234 (lat/lon).

Currently we don’t have access to the Notecarrier so we don’t have any information to share. We are using NBGL-500 with the Notecarrier A with the built in antennas.

Hi johnedstone.

There should be coverage in Haiti, but beyond that, it’s hard to give details of how much without deeper investigation.

I will send you a private message to gather more details that need to remain private for your device security.


Thanks for getting back to me.
We have a case open with Desiree. It seems that’s all by email with I wonder if you have access to this case. It seems he’s checking into the same.

So, here, I thought I’d ask this question to a larger community if any user has experience.

If you can’t get access to this case, from Desiree, I’ll post that information here. Let me know. Thanks again.

If you are already going through support - I will leave it to them, I was only going to be sending data to the same team :slight_smile:


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Very interested in the answer. Orange France told us they do not have an agreement with Haitian carriers (could not fact-check). We were told that local carrier coverage may be limited to 3G in many areas and only along major roads or urban centers.