Where is my Notecard WiFi antenna?

I just received my blues.io hardware. I have a Swan, Notecarrier F, WiFi Notecard, and a LTE Cat-1 Notecard | North America. That seemed to be the right items to order, since I want to develop with the WiFi Notecard, and then deploy with the cellular Notecard (tip to sales). The Notecard-F comes with an antenna labeled ‘698-8500MHz&GPS’. That doesn’t sound right. Where is my WiFi antenna?

FYI… Your website / store was NOT clear about if a product came with an antenna, or not. Only after ordering did I get some hint of what is included. (room for improvement).

Searching online, I see this Flexible Cellular or WI-FI Antenna. Do I need to pay $16.42 with to get a $3.25 antenna? Why was this not included, or at least suggested to purchase? Would you buy a car or bicycle without wheels?

Somebody was thoughtful to add QR codes to everything, but where is the WiF i antenna?

Guess this is going to sit in a box for another week. I’ll have to make up some excuse for my clients. :frowning:

Hi @markwkiehl, welcome to the Blues family!!!

Good news for you and your customers…

The Notecard Wi-Fi has a PCB antenna that is integrated directly into the Notecard itself. The U.FL jack on the Notecard is for customers who are mounting the Notecard into an enclosure that would cause signal degradation to the internal antenna and an external antenna would be required.

I think you have everything you need to start prototyping!

Also, we appreciate your feedback, as we are always looking to improve our customers experience.

Thanks, and let us know if you run into any trouble.