What do the Notecard LED blink patterns mean?

version 20200921.1

Red LED – Notecard General Processing

Pattern Context Additional Description
Blink Rate starts slow, and becomes more rapid Notecard power-up or reset Notecard is booting and starting its firmware
Blink Rate quick: On → Off (may be aperiodic) Processing JSON Request from Host MCU Turns on when JSON request is received. Turns off when JSON response is sent
Regular blink interval Device Firmware Update Mode progress Only happens with the Notecard is in the DFU mode
Solid Error State Notecard not responsive. Contact Blues Wireless for support.

Green LED – Notecard Modem Processing

Pattern Context
Flicker slowly (200ms High/1800ms Low) Network searching
Flicker slowly (1800ms High/200ms Low) Idle
Flicker quickly (125ms High/125ms Low) Data transfer is ongoing

Is it possible to disable the LED’s?

ie. the idle constant green blinking seems like a waste of power.

Hi @abari,

There is currently no way to disable the onboard LED on the Notecard. However, the power consumption of the LED is minimal and, in a battery-powered device especially, the Notecard should be in periodic or minimum mode which will lead to the Notecard only flashing in brief intervals when it’s transmitting data.


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Ah perfect, thanks Rob.

I had a regular red blinking LED on my notecard.
Ended up here, while trying to figure out what it indicated.
I went away thinking it had something to do with DFU.

I played with the DFU settings and it keep blinking!

I would like to save any Notecard noobs some searching, and add that the red led (on a WBNAW and maybe others) has a short blink regular blink when i am connected to the In-Browser Terminal!

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