Bringing in a status LED

I would like to brainstorm with the community.
I’ve designed a notecarrier board that has my electronics on it and I hooked up an RGB LED to the Host MCU that I would like to use for visual debugging.
I want to write some functions that will utilize the LED color mixes to alert or notify the device’s status.

I saw that theres a guide about the notecard’s internal LEDs and their meanings here:

And I also saw that there’s the neo-monitor mode by tying an addressable LED to the notecard:

But what I really have in mind is something quite like the LED patterns and colors that particle devices have:

My question is, how could I create functions to test these things:

  1. If the notecard is present at all or responding
  2. If the notecard is connected to the internet
  3. If the notecard is connected to notehub
  4. If the notecard is in a specific error state (the antenna is ripped for example)

Does someone have an idea how to implement those using the notecard arduino library?
Does someone have an idea for implementation for something I’ve missed?


You could make the requests on your MCU at an interval ie at the start of your loop, then set the LED colour based on the notecard response (or lack of). Keep in mind that it takes a minute or two to connect if its powered off so give it a chance to connect before throwing errors.

I’m not sure about the specific error states, but you can request its status and connectivity info:
Card-status: card Requests - API Reference - Blues Wireless Developers and
Card-wireless: card Requests - API Reference - Blues Wireless Developers