What is the meaning of {"why":"excessive pending changes in notefile; periodic inbound sync due (seneca3.qo)"}

I am running a test, where I send identical structured note files but of course with different content.
The transmission stops after a while and in Notehub.IO I see this message repeatedly:

{“why”:“excessive pending changes in notefile; periodic inbound sync due (seneca3.qo)”}

No more payload (body) is showing in NoteHub.IO after that.


I am not using templates in my application.

From the logs, only a node_id, node_id_str, read_date and read_time is changing, otherwise the note file is identical in structure:

Hi @bernd,

The “excessive pending changes in notefile” message indicates that a Notefile is using a large amount of memory on the Notecard. We highly recommend using templated Notefiles in this (and most) cases to preserve memory on the device and to lower cellular data usage.


Hi @RobLauer
Thanks for the fast response, that explains it.

I tried to use templates before, but find it rather inflexible to use. Specially while developing and changing the payload format often, I had difficulties to work with them.