What triggers Outboard DFU?

I have a unit with host firmware version installed on it and this shows up in Notehub as version firmware.

When I run our firmware, it checks to see if there is a DFU update waiting and it tries to do a version DFU, but it never starts downloading, it continually gives this response to dfu.status request:

10:25:38.902 -> [INFO] {"req":"dfu.status","on":true,"crc":"0069:4E0AB091"}
10:25:39.043 -> [INFO] {"status":"downloading","mode":"downloading","on":true}

So my question is: What triggers a DFU?
Is it only when you set a Firmware Update request in Notehub?
Does Notehub check firmware version on Notecard and compare to firmware version on update file before enabling firmware update?

This may leads to other questions, but this is a start.


Hi @Karl_iWell,

Firmware updates are initiated from Notehub, specifically through the process of uploading a new binary and applying that to one or more devices. The process won’t actually start until the remote device (Notecard) performs a sync. Note that the Notecard’s hub.set/mode must be periodic or continuous for the download to occur.