Dfu error - Unable to Update NoteCard Firmware

My notecard is running firmware and I am unable to enable it for notecard firmware updates. The following command on this page gives an error.

How do I resolve this?

Hi @jgeckard,

The card.dfu request configures the Notecard for performing outboard (host) firmware updates, and does not update firmware on the Notecard itself.

For doing that you can refer to this guide: Notecard Firmware Updates - Blues Developers. The easiest and recommended way to update a Notecard’s firmware is through Notehub: Notehub Walkthrough - Blues Developers.


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Ah I think I might’ve misunderstood your initial question. To use the card.dfu request you’ll need to update your Notecard firmware.

Your Notecard is running 2.1.1, and you need to use a 3.x version to use card.dfu and Notecard Outboard Firmware Update.