Which cell card to buy?

New here and i’m wondering which cellular card to buy. I’m in Iowa, USA if that makes a diffferance

Hi @rayjorgnsen,

The good news is you have a lot of options, so it really boils down to what specifically you’re trying to accomplish. (The simplest answer is to start with one of the Blues Starter Kits!)

However, if you’re looking more closely at Notecard options maybe one of these scenarios will apply:

  1. If you want the least expensive cellular module that works in North America, go with the Notecard Cellular (NBNA).
  2. If you’re ok paying a little more and also want a wideband (Cat-1) Notecard that works in North America (tends to see faster connections, better overall connectivity) go with the Notecard Cellular (WBNA).
  3. If you want #2 above PLUS the ability to fall back on Wi-Fi, go with the Notecard Cell+WiFi (it’s actually the same price as the WBNA, but the board is a little longer so as of today it only fits in the Notecarrier F and Notecarrier Pi Hat).

The above options also have global/EMEA variants if you’re looking for anything outside N.A.

Hope that helps!


Thanks, I ordered the WBNA. Might as well not cheep it up, I won’t have this in a 4 bar location so the better connectivity sold me.

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