Writing Firmware That Works Across Cellular, Wi-Fi, and LoRa

Everything you need to know about writing host firmware that works with multiple radio access technologies
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What is your cross-platform (Notecard) advice when it comes to setting the system time of the MCU?

I am working on my first Notecard project using a cellular Notecard. I found it very convenient at boot up time to set the ESP32 clock by reading the time from the Notecard. This did require that I poll the Notecard and wait for it to establish its connection to the cell network (where I presume it gets its time).

I suspect that would require different clock setting code on WiFi or LoRaWan Notecards, or may not even be possible.

Please advise.

I have the Lora Wan card and also set the time as you do with a cellular card.

I found that the card on power up connects automatically to the network and gets the time and found no issues getting the correct time value.

I did however find that there are no LED’s to show that it is connecting to the network like it does on the Cellular Note Cards.