Connect NB-Iot between notecard and PC program - no notehub

I wish to explore how to communicate with my NB-Iot/CatM Notecard, or my Cat 1 Notecord from a software program running on my computer…without the use of NoteHub. Are there any tutorials, instructions for setting up JSON, etc.

The device connect to the modem over UART is ESP32. I fine interacting with notecard from ESP32. trying to setup either TCP/IP or UDP based messaging. Modem is stationary.


Hi timbo,

Welcome. Might I ask what kind of project you’re doing? Monitoring sensor data, remote control, etc? Knowing your use case can help us figure out how to get you going.

For cellular communication: Your ESP32 can use the Notecard to make simple HTTP requests over TCP, but there’s no way to directly speak TCP/IP or UDP through the Notecard’s cellular modem. The Notecard only “knows how to speak” a special notehub protocol and the HTTP requests are always relayed through the connected notehub. So, running a public HTTP server on your computer would allow your ESP32 to talk to your computer through notehub:

ESP32 <=> Notecard <=NB-Iot/Cat1=> Notehub <=> HTTP server on your Computer

If you want your computer to communicate over USB to your Notecard that’s also straight-forward but I get the impression you wanted to communicate over cellular.

Thanks for the good question,