Communication Protocol for M5Stack Core 2 (ESP32)

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I’m planning to use my M5Stack Core 2 module which is an ESP32 based MCU with Notecard-A. But I can’t find a appropriate communication method to interface the MCU with Notecard. I can see Blues Notecard Arduino Library have both I2C & UART compatibility.

My MCU can support UART as well as I2C,but I would like to use UART. Is this possible and will this work ?.


1.M5Stack Core2 ESP32 IoT Development Kit for AWS IoT EduKit | m5stack-store

2.GitHub - blues/note-arduino: Library and examples for arduino

Pradeep S.

Welcome to the community @Pradeep!

As long as you can send a JSON string over Serial, then we are compatible.

If you look to Example0_LibrarylessCommunication in the Arduino library. It demonstrates how to construct and send JSON messages in a C-only (no Arduino) way. The only thing it uses Arduino for is to send the JSON string from the MCU to the Notecard.

Furthermore, the note-arduino library you found wraps our note-c library. note-c relies on callbacks and is platform agnostic. In fact, we have used note-c to support myriad bespoke platforms, and I’m almost certain you could support M5Stack in a similar fashion.

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Hi @zfields

Thanks for the welcome and the answers. I think now I’m clear.

Pradeep S.