Relaying data from one Notecard to another

I have an application where I’d like to use Blues ecosystem to exchange messages between devices that have cellular Notecards attached. I understand that Notecards cannot directly address each other. Can I accomplish this by routing/proxying through without the use of other third-party cloud services? In other words, what’s the minimal Blues solution for getting a message from one Notecard-equipped host to another? These embedded hosts do not have Internet access - they only have the cellular Notecards for connectivity. I could even make do with pre-assigned static routes between Notecards. Thanks!

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Hi @draeman,

This is a non-uncommon request and there is a little more background in this older thread:

Thanks for the reply Rob! I had found that thread, but figured my use case was a little different because I’m willing to route through Notehub. It sounds like use of a third-party solution is still needed to host a bit of glue logic.

It’s almost possible to do something natively within Notehub using web requests along with a route that invokes Notehub API calls. However, it doesn’t quite work because the bearer token needs to be managed.