Alternate hub using blues esim

we have a need for 1000ā€™s of rail monitoring devices, however we need the data to send directly to railroad servers. they will NOT allow this data (even encrypted) to enter any service not directly in control of. can this be accomplished. also we cannot use external sim.

Hi @breck and welcome to the Blues community!

A key value prop of using the Notecard is its tight (and secure) integration with Notehub - and the corresponding secure routing of data to virtually any endpoint required. You can also add end-to-end encryption of data (which you may already know about!). Iā€™m curious to know more about your use case though. Is there a privately-hosted service running that would be receiving data from your devices in the field? The security implications of rolling your own (from the hardware to services) are significant, which is why we feel strongly that the Notecard/Notehub combination helps to solve many of these problems.


Im aware of your secure and integrated interface with notehub, however in the rail industry, it is NOT allowed to have

Any of their data (encrypted or not) to enter any server or cloud that is not theirs. This is a hard no to them. We already

Have encrypted services with them with a different tracking device. We were looking for an alternative hardware device.



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If there is a demand for a customized version of the NoteCard, maybe there are options if you talk to the sales staff at Blues. Or maybe even directly to the CEO is he is interested.

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Rob Oudendijk