Jouney completed penalty box

I have seen this message in my logs:

penalty: removed from penalty box: journey completed

This is not a penalty that is documented, so I was curious what the behavior is for this penalty box. My use case is for the NoteCard to be in an airplane (i.e. the OpenSync project) and upon landing for it to make a cellular connection and report data.

So I have a few questions:

  1. What is the criteria for leaving this penalty box and making a successful cellular connection?
  2. I currently place the card in periodic mode with outbound equal to 2. Would turning the modem off while airborne prevent the penalty box?

Hey @dirtdevil,

I’ll have to do some checking on that error message because that’s the first time I’ve seen it as well.

In general though, I would recommend setting the Notecard’s mode to "off" with the hub.set request whenever the Notecard is in the air. That tells the Notecard to avoid making a cellular connection, which will prevent it from entering the penalty box. When the plane lands you can set the mode back to "periodic" or "continuous", and your data will upload again as expected.