LiPo Charging via USB Using Notecarrier F -- LED indicator?

Hi, using Notecarrier F and LiPo, is there an LED to indicate charging and/or charge complete? If not, has anyone implemented a simple such LED? Thanks

Hi @drewcssv - You can use the card.voltage API to query the current voltage on an attached power source:


Thanks Rob. Unfortunately, the Notecard is typically powered down (via EN pin) during charging so not sure how to make that API call. Guess I could test if USB power is present and re-EN - able the NoteCard to perform that API call. I am really looking for a way to utilize the NoteCarrier charging indicator logic while NoteCard and host MCU are powered down. Looking at the NoteCarrier F power schematic and consulting the charging chip (TI Bq24210) datasheet, it looks like Pin 8 is Charge Status indication, where Low indicates charging. On your NoteCarrier F data sheet,

it shows Pin 8 leading to pin “N_AUX5”, which I might use, but I can’t find it in the docs (AUX1-4 only.) Maybe monitor N_VIO? In any case, appreciate any ideas about how I could utilize the charging indicator. Thanks.

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