Lora device does not return template body

Documentation show that using the verify with a template will return the template body.
{“req”:“note.template”, “file”: “weather.qo”, “port”: 1, “verify”: true}
Added a new template
{“req”:“note.template”, “file”: “data.qo”, “port”: 2, “format”:“compact”, “body”: {}}
Entering verify it return the same
{“req”:“note.template”, “file”: “data.qo”, “verify”: true}
Now using the verify on the first item returns nothing.
{“req”:“note.template”, “file”: “weather.qo”, “port”: 1, “verify”: true}
Is my weather template gone?


Also entering the wrong port number causes the template that uses that port to be deleted
{“req”:“note.template”, “file”: “data.qo”, “port”: 1, “format”:“compact”, “body”: {}}
“status”: “port 1 already used by weather.qo: overridden”,
“err”: “port 1 already used by weather.qo”

Hey @iseries1,

Thanks for reporting this. This is a bug with the "verify" argument on Notecard LoRa. I just tested and the requests you list work just fine on cellular and Wi-Fi Notecards, but on Notecard LoRa the body doesn’t get returned when you use "verify"—and it should. The templates still do exist and work though.

I logged this bug internally and we’ll work on getting it patched up.