Note Card Lora Note.add with Payload

When sending data to The Things Network I encode the data as binary hex values and send the small packet to the network.

Now with Notecard Lora I have to encode that as Base64 data and add a payload option.

When I do that I get an error saying the template does not exist. How do I fix this?

{“req”:“note.add”, “file”:“data.qo”, “payload”:“rkepQQrXFELheuZBTx0AAAoAAADWAQAA6Zf1ZQ==”}
{“err”:“template for data.qo is not found”}

Also when I run the Quickstart example there is instruction to get the temperature which continuesly sends a request to the NoteHub but there is no instructions on how to stop it.


Hi @iseries1,

When sending payload data in a note.add request with the Notecard LoRa, you still have to create a note template, but with a null body:

{"req": "note.template", "file": "data.qo", "port": 10, "format": "compact", "body": {}}

This isn’t yet documented, but will be this week!

Also, thank you for the heads-up on stopping the card.temp requests. We will also update the guide, but in the meantime you can issue this request to stop the automatic gathering of temp/voltage data:

{"req":"card.temp", "stop": true}