Notecard Lora file change

Hi, I try to use notehub to send new parameters to my Lora notecard but it doesn’t work. My code is working fine with a LTE Notecard. My Lora notecard can send some data so it syncronize correctly with notehub but doesn’t take my data.qi.

My code look like this

J *notecard_changes = notecard.requestAndResponse(notecard.newRequest("file.changes"));
  J *changes_infos = JGetObjectItem(notecard_changes,"info");
  J *data_changes = JGetObjectItem(changes_infos,"data.qi");
  int nb_changes = (int) JGetInt(data_changes,"total");
  Serial.print("Nb Changes: ");

Do we have to modifiy something like the template for sending data?

Thank you,

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