Monitoring the solar voltage

The API for the card request has a voltage trends command (card.voltage) that gives you information of the voltage the notecard, note carrier, and host board are receiving (as far as I can understand). Is there a command that will show the voltage the solar JST connector is providing?

Hi again @ivm512!

It’s easy to get the Notecarrier confused with the Notecard (I still do it). You must remember the API interacts with the Notecard. The Notecard has no JST connector, and no awareness of the Notecarrier it’s plugged into; it could be your custom hardware. The JST on the Notecarrier is connected to the solar charging circuitry (provided by the Notecarrier), which then outputs power to the Notecard.

So the answer to your question is, “No”, and that is because the Notecard has no solar charging circuitry and is only aware of the voltage on it’s own pins.