Notehub General HTTP Request Route Minimum Request Rate

Hi all,

I’m not sure if this is a support request or a minor bug report.

I’m trying to set up a Route with a rate limit below 1 request per second. The field lets me increment the rate in steps of 0.000001 requests per second but if I set it to 0.05, events don’t seem to be routed at all. The route works fine if the request rate is set to 1.

Is there something I’m missing or are the field limits just misleading?

(The “requests per second” field also lets you input negative values, whereas the “Timeout (s)” one below restricts the input to integers >=0, so I’m guessing the latter.)


Hey Hazel,

Thanks for reporting this. Allowing fractional values for this field is intentional, but in my brief testing they don’t seem to work as expected. At the very least the UX for doing this is confusing.

I’m going to file a bug internally so we can dig into this.

In the meantime could you tell me a bit more about your requirements for rate limiting? It’s nice to have some real scenarios so we know a bit more about how to present these fields.


Thanks TJ!

I came across the issue whilst looking into the free tier of the Thingspeak license, which restricts the message update interval limit to once every 15 seconds:

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After some investigation today I can confirm that this is a bug. With low values for “Requests per Second” Notehub does not rate limit correctly.

Thanks again for reporting this!

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