Seeking recommendation for the BG95 (Cat1)

Francois posted 6 Oct 2020:

We are looking for options for a MIMO antenna given our size constraints. Our enclosure is poly-carbonate. We have a little bit of room inside. We do not use GPS. We’ve tried a few “stick-on” antennas:
That want is plain too big, plus it requires an adapter
This one works good, but very long (wraps all around the outside of the enclosure):
This one is smaller, but I am suspicious because it only has one connector to the Notecard – it seems two would be required to benefit from MIMO:
Could someone please share suggestions?

@GWolff posted 9 Oct 2020:

For Wide Band with a diversity antenna, we’ve used

  • 2 Taoglas MFX3
    One connected to the “main” and one connected to “div” on the Notecard

  • Taoglas MA256
    which includes two cellular antennas and a GPS antenna

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