Sim Usage Not Updating in Notehub

Hello! I had read that the sim data usage is supposed to update nightly, however, I have had my notecard running for about 3 days now and my Notehub dashboard still shows zero usage.

However, I see the real usage by using the serial command interface to the card directly. I am running firmware:

Anyone know why that is the case?

Here is my output from the serial interface to the card directly:

> {"req":"card.usage.test","days":3,"megabytes":500}
 "max": 443,
 "days": 3,
 "bytes_sent": 2496984,
 "bytes_received": 1019857,
 "notes_sent": 3358,
 "sessions_standard": 3124,
 "sessions_secure": 2,
 "bytes_per_day": 1172280

Hi @keenan,

Take a look at this thread where someone just had a similar question. Hopefully the replies answer your query, but if not just let me know!


Hey @RobLauer!

Thanks for the response. Yes, I’m quite familiar with the other thread as I was the original poster there.

That thread isn’t exactly relevant here though, since the other thread was concerning the data reporting via the serial interface directly to the card. That is all working here in this scenario, it’s just that the Notehub cloud UI is not updating. I’ve set my card to periodic mode, so it initiates a new session for each data transfer.


Hi @Keenan, could you append the response to {“req”:“card.wireless”} to this thread just so we can confirm the SIM ID (ICCID) matches that in the screenshot from Notehub.

Here it is. The ICCID is the same ( I only have one device in my account anyway :slight_smile: )

> {“req”:“card.wireless”}
 "status": "{modem-off}",
 "count": 3,
 "net": {
  "iccid": "89011704278622699918",
  "imsi": "310170862269991",
  "imei": "864475046503370",
  "modem": "BG95M3LAR02A03_01.006.01.006",
  "band": "LTE BAND 12",
  "rat": "emtc",
  "rssir": -53,
  "rssi": -54,
  "rsrp": -80,
  "sinr": 114,
  "rsrq": -13,
  "bars": 3,
  "mcc": 310,
  "mnc": 410,
  "lac": 37137,
  "cid": 107800079,
  "updated": 1638818860

The device currently shows disconnected because it is in periodic mode as I mentioned above. I know it is connecting just fine because I see events being published in the web UI and sessions being started and closed:

Thanks - I figured you would already have checked this, but I wanted to be absolutely sure before I “bother” the Notehub developers. I will report back tomorrow.

Thank you @seant! Seems like a UI bug in Notehub, so let me know how I can track down the fix!

Hi @keenan
The SIM status shows “TEST_READY” which means the SIM card hasn’t started using the allotted 500 MB of data yet.

When the SIM card is activated, it is permitted 20KB of test data to use to enable field testing of a device. Once the test data has been used up, the SIM status will update, and the “Bytes used” will start incrementing upon data usage.

Hope that helps!

Hi @Keenan, I passed on the information to the Notehub development team yesterday evening and they identified a problem in a task that updates the Notecard data usage. They have made a fix, reviewed and hope to deploy later today. Thank you for bringing this to our attention. Sean

Thanks @seant and @gwolff!

I’m a bit confused though, is there a fix in progress for a bug as @seant mentioned or is this the expected behavior as @gwolff mentioned?

Thanks again for the help!


There is a bug that is affecting the display of SIM usage data. So while the SIM card may have been in TEST_READY state at one point, that doesn’t seem to be the case any longer. Once the bug fix is posted, you should see an update to the SIM usage data, including an update to the SIM status.

Got it! Thanks that is clear :slight_smile:

@keenan Quick update - apparently there are some issues at AWS that are holding up the deploy so it is now scheduled for tomorrow.

Sounds good! Thanks for the update!