Sparrow Essentials brd deployment with solar in harsh env

Looking to deploying a Sparrow Essentials board in an agricultural setting (summer temperature of about 35c or ~100F and winters approaching -15C or 5F in the open fields)

interested in soil temp, humidity, various analog input (sensors) and transmitting these to the Sparrow gateway

two things on the power side:

  1. powering from small solar (and to be able to keep the lithium battery charged)
  2. adding a suitable lithium battery (looking for max amp recommendation that can be safely used in the harsh environment)

on the sensor side :

  1. looking to use one or more DS18B20 one wire temp sensor
  2. soil moisture level sensor (analog input to essentials board)

looking for recommendations if anyone has attempted this already or input from Blues technical staff on best way to approach this.


Rather than using a Lithium battery, might I suggest the Scoop, which is a Li-Ion capacitor, and is rated from -25C to +70C. This can hold a lot of power, so should work well alongside solar, and can take direct input from a solar panel up to 24V DC, and outputs 3.7V DC

I don’t have any comments on this right now, but I have all of the components, so I can look at doing some testing myself and see how well it goes together - I can’t promise fast results on this though, as I have a pretty high workload right now, but it fits in with a project I want to do anyway, so I will keep this updated.


thanks for the tips.

I am curious to the outcome on the DS18b20 integration with the sparrow dev system, and the power consumption impacts etc