Sparrow Reference Board Reprogram Error

I am just starting to try and reprogram the 2 example sensor boards that come with the Sparrow Dev Kit. However, when flashing my code to the boards using the STM IDE I am receiving this error:
Screenshot 2022-11-08 010518
Are there any ideas as to why the board would not be detected? The other boards that were not the example sensors work fine.

Hello @SDFlood, welcome to the Blues family!

For me to really help, it is important to see the error message in full, but I’ll try to make a SWAG based on what I see there.

Perhaps you didn’t put AAA batteries in the sensors before you tried to flash the sensors?

The ST-LINK does not provide power, it only communicates. I’m guessing when you were flashing the other boards (e.g. Gateway) they were connected the Notecarrier-A, which happens to provide power to it.

Again, this is all a guess, until I can see the full output from the attempt to flash.

Glad to have you,

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