Sparrow Range Evaluation

What is the best approach for Sparrow sensor placement range testing? Is there a defined protocol to follow? For example, should the sensor node and/or Notecarrier’s essentials card be power cycled after relocating a sensor node or Notecarrier essentials card in order for the adaptive power level routine to be activated? Or, is there a command to issue to initiate a “rejoin” and adjust power level?

Hey @JimM,

You need to power cycle or otherwise reset any node or gateway that you move. It will start the Adaptive Level algorithms from scratch.

Once everything is in place and cycled/reset, we like to test by hitting the PAIR button on the sensor node. This has the node send a _health.qo note, which you can check for in Notehub to make sure everything is working as expected. There’s more detail on how do that here.


@tjvantoll Thank-you for the guidance on activating the adaptive level algorithm of the Sparrow. :+1:t2: