Updating Firmware of Host MCU (no sync command)

I accidently uploaded a version of my software to the Swan MCU that does NOT include an explicit sync request. It includes a note.add request (with sync = true) every 20 minutes. The Notecard is set to minimum mode.

The device in the field, and I want to update the MCU firmware to the correct version. The uploaded software includes environment variables to switch the Notecard to “continuous” mode, which would allow me to update it, but without an explicit sync request, the device is not updating it’s environment variables.

Is there a way to trigger this? Will the device automatically sync after a certain amount of time?

Hi @rfadell3, thank you for reaching out! I’m sorry to hear about the issues you’re currently facing. Have you tried updating your environment variables directly in Notehub to initiate a sync?

Environment variables can be defined in several locations: the Notecard, the Notehub device, the Device Fleet, and the Notehub Project. We offer the following sync environment variables for your use:

  • _sync_continuous : Enables an always-on network connection, for high power devices.
  • _sync_continuous_inbound : Automatically and immediately sync each time a Notefile change is detected on Notehub.
  • _sync_inbound_mins : The max wait time, in minutes, to sync inbound data from Notehub.
  • _sync_outbound_mins : The max wait time, in minutes, to sync outbound data from the Notecard.

Notehub also reserves a set of system environment variables that can override default values on the Notecard. You can find more information about our reserved Environment Variables here: Reserved Environment Variables

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