Wifi notecard not getting time, Sparrow held for time

When I connect my Wifi Notecard and pass configs, I’m not getting the time set on the card. I’m not sure if other things are missing as far as networking, but the Sparrow waits for the time to verify a real connection, so that’s what I’ve been looking for.

notecard - info to start,

Blues Wireless Notecard
              ProductUID: filled in
               DeviceUID: dev:xxxxx
           Serial Number: 
            Notehub Host: a.notefile.net
        Firmware Version: notecard-
                     SKU: NOTE-WIFI
       Used Over-the-Air: 0 bytes
               Sync Mode: continuous
    Sync Outbound Period: 15 minutes
          Inbound Period: 1440 minutes
          Notehub Status: idle {disconnected} {idle}
             Last Synced: 
                 Voltage: 5.01V
             Temperature: 27.69C
                GPS Mode: 
            Current Time: 
               Boot Time: 
   Notefile Storage Used: 0%
                     Env: {
                            "env_update_mins": "5",
                            "pairing_timeout_mins": "60",
                            "sensordb_reset_counts": "0",
                            "sensordb_update_mins": "60"
card.location.mode: request not supported for wifi {not-supported}
card.time: time is not yet set

The card takes the project and wifi settings with no complaints and sits quietly. I connected a Sparrow and it… acted like it wasn’t on wifi – RGB crawling. When I wait a while, and then connect to -play, the response is typically as seen at the end of this. I can reboot the Sparrow, and resend the wifi credentials to the notecard, and it seems to be happy for a moment as seen, and then something happens deeper than my log level and the notecard complains, never getting the time.

Because the Sparrow in Gateway mode never clears this, I can’t pair any nodes obviously.

The connection is confusing to me because I don’t understand the “sl_status” message. My wifi AP has both radios and I have moved closer to the AP ( trying everything, I have punier esp8266 radios farther away, should be in the same radio boat, at best )

I’ll try newer firmware tomorrow since I saw it was a few ticks back.

>>> {"req":"card.wifi","ssid":"sixtwentyfour","password":"xxxxxxxxxxx"}
    "secure": true,
    "security": "auto",
    "ssid": "sixtwentyfour"
>>> {"req":"hub.sync.status"}
    "sync": true
>>> {"req":"hub.sync.status"}
    "status": "wifi now ON {modem-on}",
    "sync": true
>>> {"req":"hub.sync.status"}
    "status": "using wifi access point sixtwentyfour",
    "sync": true
>>> {"req":"hub.sync.status"}
    "status": "wifi: can't join: sl_status:33",
    "sync": true
>>> {"req":"hub.sync.status"}
    "status": "wifi: can't join: sl_status:33",
    "sync": true

meanwhile on the STLink, I have only

===== SPARROW =====
Jun 23 2022 01:27:50

flash:  peers: 150
       config: 14408 bytes
               1976 spare
         code: 108966 bytes
               54 pages
          max: 122880 bytes
               60 pages
mem:     heap: 53632 bytes
               53568 actual

Waiting for time from Notecard

Hi @cameronb and welcome to the Blues Wireless community!

Most often this error is either the SSID name you entered does not match the actual Access Point name - or the password does not match. I would start by triple-checking the SSID/password and resetting them with another card.wifi request. Otherwise, you can try connecting to the AP with your phone.

If that doesn’t help the Wi-Fi Notecard establish a connection, please let us know!


Thanks Rob,
I fired up my cellular notecard this morning and got my sensors paired… and then realized by looking at the logs I posted above that I had fat-fingered my SSID.

Flipped back to the WiFi notecard and we’re off to the races again.