Airnote display is blank

My Airnote has been working for just over a year without issue but now the display is blank. The battery is charged and shows 4.09v, I see a green light flashing on the board with the battery but nothing is displayed?

Any ideas on troubleshooting?

Hi @dblaza and welcome to the Blues Wireless community!

The LCD display will typically shut off automatically if the battery voltage gets too low. The fact that yours registers a decent voltage may nix that theory though! Are you still seeing fresh data on your Airnote dashboard?

Either way, my next step would be to manually charge the Airnote battery just to make sure power isn’t the main issue. Let us know if that helps!


Rob, I charged my Airnote and it is sending data to the dashboard (if you look on the Grafana airnote map it’s in Novato CA). So its just the display that’s dead.

Is there a way to troubleshoot this or get a replacement display?

Hi @dblaza I would be more than happy to help initiate an Airnote swap for you. Do you mind emailing me at